Refund Policy

The refund policy is effective in following situations:

1. The life-time 100% money back guarantee on a newly purchased item:

You may get full refund when you are not satisfied with your purchase during your life-time.

2. Refund on incorrectly shipped item:

You may get the original item (ordered), exchanged item or full refund in case the manufacturer ships you wrong item accidentally. Please note there is no refund for the item you received damaged. Instead, you may be provided a new item in exchange.

How to apply for a refund:

Once the return & exchange policy is fulfilled and the manufacturer receives the item back, it will be inspected for its condition. If the condition of the item is satisfactory full refund will be done.

The refund will be done within 3 business days once item is received back.

The refunded money will be sent only to the same payment source where the payment originated from. However, if that source could not be reached for some reason, then the new source provided by you may be confirmed first by ETLINES Marketplace Agent to prevent any fraud.