About ETLINES Marketplace

Who We Are

The lean start-up ETLINES, established in 2010, has now become the fastest growing professional grade handmade hunting knives marketplace. The ETLINES Marketplace is run and operated by ETLINES Oy Finland.

ETLINES Oy is the private limited company registered and established in Turku Finland with the business ID 2587046-7. The company is operating in 65+ countries or territories worldwide through its online store etlknife.com

Asim Munir

Asim Munir Chairman Board of Directors

The pioneer of ETLINES Marketplace with substantial experience in knife making

Helena Chefranova

Helena Chefranova Accounts Manager

The accounts guru that manages accounts of the company remotely.

Lilia Sokotun

Lilia Sokotun Sales & Marketing Manager

The brain full of innovative ideas and feet that keep travelling around the world.

Erika Dogana

Erika Dogana Customer Service Manager

The face behind quick responses to your queries with accurate information!

I was afraid of knives until I had my first chance to grab a dagger at school brought by a class-fellow. It was so beautiful that I fell in love with knives. In the later years, I had the opportunity to learn knife-making and make knives as a hobbyist. In the late 2009, I and few other entrepreneurial-minded students belonging to the universities in Turku gathered to promote entrepreneurship among the graduates of Turku city. Our efforts resulted in the establishment of entrepreneurial society BOOST TURKU. In February 2010, it was the BOOST TURKU that helped me to establish ETLINES. I used my knowledge and experience of knife making to design and manufacture beautiful small pocket knives for everyday use. The idea clicked and within 3 years I was selling ETLINES Knives to 65+ countries across the world.

In 2012, the business got patent with the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland under the registration number FI 2320614-0. In January 2014, ETLINES grew to ETLINES Oy (a private limited company). ETLINES Oy is registered with the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland under the business registration number FI 2587046-7. In March 2014, ETLINES Oy launched ETLINES Marketplace in partnership with some selected global partners who have great experience in making professional grade handmade hunting knives for years. Today ETLINES Marketplace has become the fastest growing marketplace of professional grade handmade hunting knives.

  1. Offer professional grade handmade hunting knives from verified and selected manufacturers
  2. Maintain user shopping experience above 99%
  3. Provide complete protection to customer's personal and financial data
  4. Offer safe order processing and transaction security
  5. Provide excellent customer service

Here is quick explanation of how your order is processed at ETLINES Marketplace:

How ETLINES Marketplace works

  • You place an order at etlknife.com
  • ETLINES Marketplace(EM) agent forwards order to respective manufacturer of the knife and holds the payment
  • The manufacturer ships the knife from his stock
  • The manufacturer provides order tracking number to EM agent who verifies it and then forwards it to you
  • Once you receive your order successfully, the payment is released to the manufacturer by the EM agent
  • In case of any issue in fulfilling the order, the EM agent assures that you get the ordered knife or you get your money back

* An Order from different manufacturers may be shipped separately without any additional cost to you.